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The Messenger Mercy PSD


The Devotional symbol of “The Messenger Mercy PSD” designed in Adobe Photoshop. This PSD Template can be used as a Template, Logo or Icon for Devotional/Regional Foundations, Charity Trusts & related Websites.

The Messenger Mercy is an Islamic symbol. This symbol means that the Words about Mercy stated by The Prophets of the Islamic religion.

There is a Book named Messenger Mercy series tells the story of the last and greatest of all the Messengers,  The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. (Rasulullah Ur-Rahman).

There is also a Messenger of Mercy Foundation (MMF) is an independent non-profit organization registered in Canada. Their aim to provide the international media with basic materials in Arabic and English languages about the Messenger’s life, family, companions, character and message.

Download this Devotional symbol “The Messenger Mercy PSD” to your Website @ Free of cost!

Download The Messenger Mercy PSD File. Use this PSD for Islamic Style Only!

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