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Silver Apple Logo PSD


A Silvery chrome polished “Silver Apple Logo PSD” composed in Photoshop. The Apple logo is one of the most recognized Corporate symbols in the world. The first Apple logo was designed by Jobs and Wayne in 1976. This Logo can be used for Apple Branded Products or Apps related websites.

The Apple logo is recognized as one of the most famous logos across the IT world, prominently because it forms the largest and most successful brand.

Design Elements of Apple logo: The modern and unique design enables the Apple logo to standout the rest of the motifs to signify the quality standards it produces. The simple features of Apple logo appear clear in its design and depiction.

Shape of Apple logo: The Apple logo Characterizes an apple, with a bite taken from its right side. It also features a leaf tilted toward the right hand side. An apple is what the entire Apple logo consists of, speaking for its identity on its own.

…an Apple with a bite out of it, indicating the acquisition of knowledge…”

Color of Apple logo: It comprises of a Silvery Chrome polished apple. It appears as shiny and elegant in its layout, looking both stylish and modern.

This is a  4000x High-Resolution Logo and  100% Editable.  Also 2.25mb Zipped, 13.5mb unzipped .PSD and  Includes flat monochrome stencil and non-destructive layers.

Download this Blazing “Free Silver Apple Logo PSD” with High Definition .PSD & Enjoy!

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