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HTC Dream Smartphone G1 PSD


The Magnificent “HTC Dream Smartphone G1 PSD Template” , a Smartphone design looks more advanced with features on the touch screen display. HTC Dream Smartphone G1 .PSD is one of the best Android Phone – The Best PSD Files Showcase. You can use these to promote your android app or website. Or you can use them in Photoshop to make great ads for smartphones.

This Template designed using Photoshop in .PSD format. Designs with a variety of colors is perfect for you to add your psd design collection. The actual .PSD is at a massive 4000x resolution. 80+ Layers & 11+ Grouped PSD file.

The HTC Dream, also known as G1 or ADP1 was the first Android phone. This is also the first cell phone to include Google’s open operating system, Android. This model gives users one-touch access to mobile services online, searchable as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, Google Search, and YouTube.

Android 2.1 adds a host of features including free Google Navigation (as part of Android 2.0), a new gallery interface, live wallpapers, and an improved Android marketplace.

Download Free HTC Dream Android Smartphone .PSD (Real .PSD, not rendered.). This .PSD works are intended for learning and non-profit, non-commercial purposes.

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