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Free Mac iMouse PSD

Mac iMouse .psd

Here, we come up with a trendy “Mac imouse PSD Template. This template can be used in your Personal or Commercial Web pages, and also in banners, posters, ads based on Apple products.

The Mouse is made of white plastic, patched with an Apple logo on its face. It was introduced and hits the market for sales since August 2, 2005, and its Bluetooth version was available from 2006. It features Seamless Multi-Touch Surface, Laser-Tracking Engine, etc. Before the imouse, Apple provides only one-button mouse’s with its computers that begins with the Apple Lisa.

The template carries 3 different views of an imouse namely front, back and 2 Dimensional side views. Entire template comes in a gradient gray background.

Make use of this cute glossy “Mac imouse PSDon your system, at free of cost. 

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